Less Mess Super Spoon
Less Mess Super Spoon

Less Mess Super Spoon

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The Less Mess Super Spoon is the world’s only Patented self-leveling spoon and spork that helps teach babies and toddlers how to eat on their own and creates less mess for parents.

Key Features:

* Helps teach babies how to eat on their own.

* Self Leveling Spoon With Comfort Grip.

* Extra large handle for easy holding.

* Patented clutching device.

* All materials are BPA free and PVC free.

* Dishwasher Safe.


* Helping Young Ones feed themselves

* Guide babies to independent eating habits.

* Spoon stays level as food is raised to the mouth.

* Reduces Mess and Clean-Up is a Breeze.

* Parents have more time to enjoy their meal.